Extensive Knowledge
On Immigration Law

I have a passion for problem-solving and know what it takes to resolve immigration issues for my clients.

Assistance for people seeking an immigration attorney in Norfolk, Bristol, Plymoth, Dukes and Barnstable counties.

An Experienced Guide To The Immigration Process

An Experienced Guide
To The Immigration Process

Immigration matters are frustrating. Not only is the U.S. immigration system hard to understand alone, but it can also be almost impossible without the right help by your side.

My law firm, Susan Saliba, Attorney at Law, deals exclusively in immigration law for families and individuals and gives them the opportunity to work with an experienced attorney who understands the process and will personally help them with their legal matters in family-based immigration processes, visas, naturalization, green cards and more.

Our Partnership Is A Journey

Even easy immigration cases are often littered with odd roadblocks and unnecessary bureaucracy. I started a boutique practice so I can dedicate each immigration case that comes through my door the time and attention it deserves, with the goal being approval. I take the time during calls and meetings to personally guide my clients through the process, answer their questions, discuss their problems and ease their worries.

Immigration laws can change quickly, so I make myself accessible as much as possible for the benefit of my clients. This process may feel like an uphill battle, but I will continue to support you through it and help you and your family with your immigration goals.


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