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Immigration is difficult for anyone. Whether you are seeking a way to bring family members to the United States, a student looking at your education options, an employee seeking or recently finding work or for a different reason, you are likely aware of the time, energy and hoops you need to jump through with the whole process.

When you are struggling with the process, I am here to help. I am Susan Saliba, an immigration attorney completely dedicated to your immigration goals. Since becoming an immigration attorney and founding Susan Saliba, Attorney at Law, afterward, I have helped many families, individuals and employers through the immigration process. I have brought them the resolution they were looking for in their journey to become a resident of the United States.

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Susan Saliba

Committed To A Personal, One-On-One Legal Experience

I approach my cases by working closely with the individual, not just the case. I sit with them and give them the time they need instead of rushing them through the details and bringing the next case in. I will attend any necessary details and hearings and stand beside you until we reach a resolution. Many of my clients have my phone number and can call me any time they have updates or questions.

Starting from a high-volume immigration firm, I quickly saw the value in dedicating more time and communication to immigration cases. I started my boutique law firm to build and nurture relationships with my clients while still giving them big-firm knowledge and high-quality service. My focus is my clients and for that reason, I avoid cases that would keep me in court so I can focus on communication.

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If you have concerns, I am available for a free initial consultation to discuss the details of your immigration case and other factors such as a timeline and possible outcomes. Please call at 781-742-7327 or complete an email form to get started.