Ready To Take On Your Immigration Issues, Step By Step

Providing A Smooth Immigration Process For Employees

Finding a job in the United States that is an excellent fit for you and your new employer is a mutually exciting experience. Your skills are exactly what your new employer is looking for, and they are happy to help you move here and bring your skills onto the team. However, you may find that many of your most significant hurdles come from the legal side of moving to the country from the U.S. Immigration system.

My firm, Susan Saliba, Attorney at Law, has been working with employees and employers since 2005 when it comes to helping a new foreign hire establish themselves in the country. Whatever questions you have about this exciting new step in your life, I am here to answer them and work on getting you through a complicated process and one step closer to permanent residency.

Prioritizing A Clear Path

If you are eligible for employment in the United States, my goal is to assist you. I have previously helped a multitude of professionals including business people, engineers, physicians and artists from many countries to obtain the right visa for them, such as the H1-B for specialized workers. I am also available to answer other questions regarding permanent residence for your spouse or family if your employer is sponsoring you, any fees or documents you may need, or any other questions regarding green cards or naturalization.

Working With Businesses To Acquire Top Talent

Alongside assisting individuals with their immigration journey, I am available to advise small- to large-sized businesses on acquiring and retaining their foreign hires. I work with companies that want to hire and sponsor recent graduates and young professionals to ensure that they can keep in-demand skills in their industry and bring valuable knowledge to their organization. I also assist employers seeking to retain their current employees with an expiring visa or those who would like to change their visa category.

Get Your Employment Matters Taken Care Of With A Skilled Attorney

Your situation regarding employment-based immigration is unique. If you need advice on your options as an employee or employer, contact my Dedham office at 781-742-7327 or email me your questions or concerns.