Ready To Take On Your Immigration Issues, Step By Step

Hands-On Guidance For Families Through The Immigration Process

For families seeking a reunion in the United States, many want to get started on the immigration process as soon as they can. This sentiment rings true in almost every situation, whether their home country is experiencing political instability, a variety of events they can find threatening to their family or simply just seeing them again. However, family immigration issues may not be family-friendly and streamlined for a pain-free process. That is why I am here to help.

Your immigration journey at my firm, Susan Saliba, Attorney at Law, starts and ends with my guidance. I will sit down with you, discuss your options and give you the details you need to know as I work through the changing system and the stressful bureaucracy.

Finding The Right Option For Your Family

On top of roadblocks and loopholes, it may also be confusing to see what options are available regarding family-based immigration processes. I opened up my boutique-sized firm to spend time getting to know my clients, explaining these details and treating them as an individual instead of case files. You can truly understand the option best for you, your spouse and your children.

I am here to discuss and help you begin filling out paperwork for many documents regarding your family members, including but not limited to the following:

  • Green cards, through marriage to a U.S. citizen or another green card holder
  • Immediate relative visas for individuals that are directly related to a U.S. citizen such as a child, spouse or parent
  • Family preference visas, a limited visa for more distant relatives of a U.S. citizen
  • K-1 fiancé visas
  • K-3 visas for spouses
  • CR1 visas for spouses

My goal is to ensure that you understand the process best suited for your situation while you do not get lost in a shuffle.

Call Me To Get Started Reuniting With Your Loved Ones

When we work together, I provide the services you find at a large law firm with a personal touch you will not. Call my Dedham office at 781-742-7327 or send me a message via email, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.