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Helping Individuals And Families Get Visas

In the United States, a visa is a valuable tool. It is an official document that allows a person to stay in the country on a temporary basis, for a specific purpose. If you need help with a visa for yourself or a loved one, it is important to talk to an immigration lawyer who understands the many types of visas and who can guide you through the process of obtaining a visa.

Saving You Time And Guiding You Through The Process

Our firm is based in Dedham, Massachusetts. When it comes to visas, our goal is to save our clients as much time as possible while helping them experience less anxiety and frustration. We can provide you with practical advice and results-oriented representation regarding:

  • Employment visas like H1-B (for specialized workers)
  • Religious worker (R-1) visas for members of churches and other religious bodies
  • Student visas for study at Boston-area colleges and universities an reinstatements to F-1 status
  • Optional Practical Training and work authorization following college graduation
  • K-1 visas that allow a person to bring a fiancé or fiancée to the United States to get married
  • J-1 exchange visitor visas
  • Visa extensions and changes of status to other visas
  • Consular processing and working with overseas Embassies and Consulates for visa issuance

Every situation is different. Get the counsel you need to reach your goals.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation | Get Your Questions Answered

It is normal to have a multitude of questions if you find yourself in need of an immigration attorney. We offer answers. Call our office at 781-742-7327 or email us. We provide personal service and one-on-one meetings for all our clients.

After-hours appointments and Arabic translation services are available upon request